5SOS just Don’t Stop!

The 5 Seconds of Summer lads released their latest EP, Don’t Stop, in the UK on 15th June 2014 ahead of their album release. The EP contains the Don’t Stop single, as well of two demo versions of the track, and three new songs If You Don’t Know‘, Rejects and Wrapped Around Your Finger. 5SOS’ self-titled album is set to drop on July 22nd, with the standard version containing tracks, and an extra 2 videos and 4 extra tracks on the deluxe. Ahead of the album release the boys have been releasing track-by-track videos in which they talk about each individual song that is to be included on the album.

The four Aussies, aged 17-19, began their rise to fame making YouTube videos from late 2011. They were then ‘discovered’ by 1D’s Louis Tomlinson, and joined the British super group on their Take Me Home Tour Since then, they have taken part in their own tours, are currently supporting 1D on their stadium tour and have been working on their album, which you can preorder here:










(Written by Lollie Hancock)

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