The Janoskians: Got Cake Tour

This week we were lucky enough to head down to The Janoskians show in Manchester and meet the lads! Pretty standard Thursday evening, right?



The show certainly didn’t disappoint, their cover of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ is certainly one cover you will never forget and for all the right reasons!

Meeting them was pretty cool too, we casually chatted about our love for rap legends, Jay Z and Kanye West – ever so casually. We might even be best friends? Who knows? Lets hope!

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Supppppp mate!

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James and Daniel’s DJ set was also amazing – they got the crowd bouncing immediately – it was just like a party with nearly 3,000 people – awesome!

However, the boys showed us their gentle side. With over 50 fans passing out and being carried over the barrier, the show was almost stopped. James immediately stepped in and ensured all the fans in the crowd were safe, by making them move back and give others room! How lovely of him!

They also confirmed that they’ll be back, touring the UK in early 2015. You’ll ALL have a chance to see these awesome five boys as they’re taking their shows to ARENAS! Ahhhhh!

Follow the boys on Twitter @janoskians and pre-order their latest single ‘That’s What She Said’ here.

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