Introducing Interview: Our Saving Day

Nowadays, it seems as though the charts are dominated by male soloists and boy bands (or ‘bands’) – but surprisingly, rock band Our Saving Day, haven’t hit the charts… Yet!

It’s always great discovering bands before they become huge, isn’t it? I mean, look at our Aussie faves 5 Seconds of Summer, they became huge a long time after I discovered them. I’m sure if won’t be long until you’re all crying over Josh Feeley following you on Twitter.

Anyway, I caught up with singer, Josh!

Hey lads, so obviously I know quite a bit about you but for those that don’t, could you tell us a little about yourselves? 
Not much to say really, we’re Our Saving Day, an alt rock band from the north, kinda like You Me At Six.
So obviously there are five of you, what are you all like individually and what’s special about each of you?
Well, I can’t really speak for the rest of the band but I think we’re all quite individual, James is hilarious, Jonjo is whipped, kidding Jonjo, Dexter is like a dad looking after his kids, Ben’s a ladies man and I’m just the singer, I turn up speak a few words and go home.
What other bands would you say inspired you? 
For me, I’d say Don Broco, You Me At Six and Mallory but the rest of them, we all have quite a wide music taste, Dexter loves stuff like Palma Violets and The Libs and Ben likes stuff like Johnny Cash, can that get more varied? 
You’re not signed right now, but if you were signed tomorrow – what would be your biggest rockstar request? Some pop-rock bands smash hotel rooms and have girls waiting, or some just sleep?
Just a shit ton of chocolate digestives!
Now… time to break a few girls hearts, who out of the band is single and who’s taken?
Me, Jonjo, Ben and James all have girlfriends but Dexter is out there playing the field.
Lets talk music… I was listening to Today Is Tomorrow’s History earlier, I absolutely love it! Which track is your favourite to perform?
Probably just Like The Rest for the energy or Seventeen ’cause it was the first one, we all hate that track but you know, the first song has some kinda hold over you.
Obviously you’re not the stereotypical ‘boy band’, do you think being pop-rock/pop-punk is better to appeal to a younger audience now with bands such a 5 Seconds of Summer dominating the charts?
We are not a boy band in any way, for one we actually play instruments, we understand the whole thing but we wanna move away from that, think what you like I suppose but yeah, we’re no One Direction.
You’re about to play the O2 in Sheffield, how excited are you?
This is the first time any of us have done this and I can’t wait, its gonna be huge for us!
You have some dedicated fans that already travel the country for you, how crazy is it to see the same fans in different cities?
Its pretty mental that a girl came from Essex for us, kinda puts a bit of pressure on you to be the best you can though.
Will the new year mean new music and maybe a tour for OSD?
New music definitely, we are getting out of Sheffield but I don’t think we’ll be touring just yet, that shit’s expensive man!
Quick fire round:
Celebrity crushes: Jenna from Tonight Alive, Hayley Williams
Favourite foods: Gotta be pizza hasn’t it?
Favourite singers/bands: Josh Franceshi from You Me At Six, Oli Sykes from Bring Me and the guy from Alter Bridge is crazy.
Pasta or Pizza: Pizza, every time.
Would you date a fan: Wouldn’t matter if they loved or hated our music really.
5SOS or 1D? I don’t like either really, She Looks So Perfect is catchy as sin though and 5SOS do play their instruments at least!
Favourite city: Sheffield
Ariana or Iggy: Ariana by far!


Fancy following Our Saving Day? Of course you do! Follow their Twitter, @OurSavingDay.

Fancy rocking out to their music? Obvs you want to… Click here.

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