The Threads About To Break!

She rose to fame as one fifth of my favourite band, Girls Aloud, now, Pop Rock Princess Sarah Harding is about to release her debut solo single “Threads” – which FYI, is AMAZING!

As the last member of the band to release a solo record, Sarah is certainly making one heck of a bang on the music scene with her pop-rock tune – we always knew she was a rock Queen but heck, she takes it to a new level in this video! Riding a rodeo bull and everything, the woman can’t be tamed! Did I mention that the track is also written by Sarah!

I’m sure this track is going to see my favourite woman in music become one of the best solo artists out there, I mean, who else can rock out like Hardcore Harding?!

The track is released on Friday August 7th and is available to order on iTunes here – or… A very personal signed copy can be purchased from Sarah’s own store here!

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