So, it’s been a while since Stereokicks split up (I’m still emotional over that) – so I sat down with my pal and former member Charlie Jones for a well deserved catch-up!

We talked Stereokicks, The X Factor, Belieber for Life, pizza, gigs, The Vamps, 5SOS, One Direction and celebrity crushes!


Here’s what went down!

Hi Charlie, long time no see! How have things been since I last saw you at Key 103 Live?

That seems like such a long time ago now, think it’s fair to say up and down!

Obviously things have spiralled so much since The X Factor – who’s initial decision was it to send the application form off?

I didn’t, X Factor spotted me from my social media and asked me apply, I still went through a lot of auditions though before I went in front of the judges.

Did you ever expect the response your first audition got?
No, not at all! My phone went crazy with Twitter notifications and text messages, apart from close family and friends nobody knew I was going to be on The X Factor.

Now, at bootcamp when you heard the word “no” – what ran through your head and then having them say you’re in a band?

At first I was really disappointed but I still felt proud that I had even made it that far. Then when I was called back and put into a band I just thought ‘YES!’ even better!

When you all spent some time together getting to know one another, what were your initial thoughts of the rest of the boys? Did you all gel quickly?

It was instant, you would never of thought it as we didn’t know each other at all, but we just clicked, I loved the boys… I still do, we shared a really special year together and I wouldn’t of wanted to go through it with anyone else.

Who’s idea was it to sing Run? Did you think the song was hugely popular so you chose it?

We were given that song to sing but we all loved it straight away, it’s obviously now very special to all of us.

When you got through to the live shows and were put through each week, how did you feel?

It was so nerve wracking, the competition was so good we just never knew if we did enough. Every time we got through it just made us work harder, we really wanted to win!

Now, after the show, you done some gigging before Love Me So came out, what was it like being on the road knowing that’s what your life would be like?

I loved every minute, being with the boys although it was hard work and tiring we had good bants, I’ve never laughed as much.

Describe your response to hearing the finished version of Love Me So:

I loved it, Tom is such a good song writer, I was proud that one of us wrote it, I think everyone was expecting a cheesy pop song and it wasn’t, I still think it’s a great song.. pity more people didn’t get to hear it could have been a very different ending!

I saw you in Liverpool for the Stereokicks tour which was awesome, what was it like being on your with your name on the headline boards?

Just surreal!! Playing those big arenas was incredible and the atmosphere is so good, I felt proud, very proud.

How did you all celebrate the release of the single?

Well the older lads probably went out and had a few pints as I’m still 15 not a lot really!

Now, we have to talk about the split…

How did you all come to the decision?

We didn’t, it was made for us, we had to get a certain position in the charts to have any chance of being signed. We charted mid-week at number 12 and end of week 31, which was amazing considering we had no radio play. As there was 8 of us living all over the UK and Ireland we needed a label to carry on, it wasn’t meant to be and we were all really upset as we didn’t want it to end.

Were you worried about the fans response to the statement?

Very. We had and still have the best fans and we owe everything to them. Before our statement went out I was really worried as we didn’t want to upset anyone but we knew we would with the news. I love our fans so much and I always tried to meet them as many as I could.

Thorpe Park was your last gig together, how emotional was it before going on stage and coming off stage?

I don’t think it really hit us through the day, we were all laughing and joking with the usual bants. It was different when we got on stage and saw all the fans crying. That set me off, then seeing James, Chris and some of the other boys upset I was gone. It was very sad.

Will there ever be a Stereokicks reunion? Maybe on The Big Reunion?

Never say never. It’s been such a crazy year for all eight of us, we are all trying to find our own way at the moment. I’ve got a couple of gigs with Tom coming up and we’re all still in touch, who knows?

What are your plans for the future? Will we hear the sequel to Belieber for Life?

NO! I did that when I was 13 and it got me noticed but I won’t be repeating it. I have to concentrate on my last year at school and GCSEs coming up next year, but I’m gigging when I can. I have a new website going up soon and lots of new YouTube videos. Music is my passion, I’m not going anywhere so watch this space!

Quick fire round:

Celebrity crush: Katy Perry
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite singers/bands: The Vamps
Worst date/memory with an ex: I’ve not got a lot of experience yet, ask me next year!
Nadine Coyle or Tulisa: who’s Nadine Coyle?
Would you date a fan: Yes
5SOS or 1D? 1D but I love 5SOS
Favourite song to perform: Don’t by Ed Sheeran

Fan Questions:
@MeganDonoghue_: who is your biggest inspiration? My dad (he’s so cool and full of bants)
@Georgiastott__: Favourite place to perform? The O2!

Well, it was awesome catching up with you again! Good luck with everything and hopefully see you again soon!

Follow Charlie on Twitter: @CharlieJones


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