Vibe Tickets! (AD)

Are you fed up of concert tickets being sold at ridiculous prices above face value? Don’t you agree that tickets should always be re-sold at face value to ensure that all fans can see their favourite singers? Although this is a sponsored post, I completely love the idea behind Vibe Tickets and think that their campaign is fantastic!

On November 21st, Vibe Tickets launched their “Out With The Tout” campaign – to show everybody that ticket touts should not be allowed to sell at ridiculous prices and show the Government that dedicated fans have had enough!

The only winners of tickets being sold above face value are the touts, the fans become the losers. Something which isn’t right!

Here is the link to the petition that only takes a few seconds to sign, please sign and share on your social accounts –

You can follow Vibe Tickets on Twitter, here.

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