Incredible Journey

Hey guys,

So, today, January 6th 2016 marks the two year anniversary of my first magazine article being published. The article was for the Liverpool based magazine, Lifestyle which was a feature on the Radio City Live concert, featuring Conor Maynard, The Luminites, Jason Derulo, The Vamps and Rebecca Ferguson. 

Five years ago, I was studying for my GCSE’s and I remember my Media Studies teacher telling me I wouldn’t succeed. Now, for a fifteen year old with a few months left of high school – you can imagine how much this knocked my confidence. However, I had a teacher who kept telling me how well I will do when I leave school.

At sixth-form, my Media Studies teacher basically “mentored” me and gave me advice on how to get to where I want to be which to me, was priceless. I really respected the advice she gave me.

The following year, I started University and got speaking to the editor of the magazine Lifestyle, as I already had tickets for the Radio City Live event, she asked me if I could run a feature on it – which I wasn’t going to say no to, I mean, would you?! Whilst at the magazine, I also interviewed Camryn, who you probably remember as the support act on One Direction’s Take Me Home Tour – which was an incredible opportunity for me.

Over the past two years, I have interviewed some incredible artists, photographed many artists, worked for Maximum Pop! and had my work published in America – I mean, that doesn’t happen every day, right?!

Most recently, I began working for Booked Magazine which I was over the moon about, I think I rang my Nan buzzing about it!

To this day, I still feel so privileged to be doing something I have always dreamed about and love doing. I love filming videos for my YouTube channel, interviewing artists, photographing gigs and writing – something which I will always love.

I cannot thank each and every one of you for your support over the past two years, if you’ve ever clicked on my blog or YouTube – thank you, if you’ve ever posted my pictures – thank you, if you’ve ever retweeted my work – thank you.

I honestly cannot begin to explain how much the support means. Now, I know it sounds ridiculous for me to be saying this because I’m not a “celebrity” – but for those people that constantly support what I do, I cannot express how grateful I am.

The past two years have been an incredible journey, here’s to the next two years.


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