Second Star To The Right?!

So, if you saw my video from being on tour with Only The Young, you’d have seen the band Canary Swing... Now, if you haven’t heard of them, you should have – they’re pretty awesome!

They’re a cooler, more indie version of 5SOS! Their music is so good you almost question if its real! From their original music to covers, they will 100% blow you away. As I’m writing this I’m listening to my favourite track of theirs, Second Star To The Right which is absolutely amazing.

Consisting of Brad, George, Ben and Corythe band are certainly one to watch this year, you do not want to miss what they have coming up and believe me, its epic!

Seeing them perform live is always awesome because they have such an incredible energy and never fail to get the crowd going! Their set lists are always pretty cool too! You should head over to their Twitter page and follow them – you honestly do not want to miss what they have lined up this year!

Twitter: @CanarySwing

Their debut EP is available here.

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