Saying NO! – Leomie Anderson

As some of you may know, I have followed Premier Models superstar Leomie Anderson for quite a few years and have always had a lot of respect for her. The past year has changed this a lot, I’ve grown to speak to Leomie on a more personal level thanks to both of us blogging and uploading to YouTube.

Recently, the Victoria Secrets star wrote an incredible blog post on “saying no” and consent in regards to sending explicit picture sharing and slut shaming. Now I never normally post about things like this but I couldn’t agree with Leomie’s post more.

Regardless of the situation, if you feel uncomfortable sending an explicit snapchat or any type of media, you have the right to say NO! 

However, I’ve seen an article from an online newspaper, branding Leomie a “hypocrite” after ONE person sent her a tweet about her career. Lets just clear something up, Leomie is a 23 year old woman who models for a career. Yes, she has modelled underwear – that is SO different to sending another person pictures that can be used in a harmful way. She is in control of EVERY picture that is taken. She is in the position of power. She has a lot of control in which pictures are used for campaigns and her agency will always go out of their way to ensure the models are looked after and are always comfortable with photographers and brands for campaigns.

Please do not feel as though Leomie is a hypocrite. She is a grown up woman who is not sexting or sending explicit pictures. She is making a positive impact on society and her followers – she has come a long way and like I say to her, she will be one of the most iconic models of her time.

Read Leomie’s post here.

Respect and love.

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