New Hope Club Are What We Came For!

So, the new boyband on the scene, New Hope Club have released yet another incredible cover of Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s chart smasher “This Is What You Came For“!

You may have seen the lads on my YouTube, Instagram & Twitter as they’re signed to The Vamps record label! Consisting of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith – the lads are set to take the music industry by storm! After an incredible reaction towards them on The VampsWake Up World Tour“, I’m sure that they’re going to be huge successes!

The latest cover is filmed as a vlog on a band bowling trip (where was my invite?!), the video certainly goes well with the track, it just makes you want to dance! I honestly think this is one of their best covers to date!

The lads are currently over in LA (fancy!) ahead of their tour supporting The Tide, which I am beyond excited for – I’ll vlog it for you guys!

Go check out the cover here:

If you want to follow them here are their links:

Reece’s Twitter George’s Twitter Blake’s Twitter

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