University: Advice!

So, as many of you know – I’m going into my final year of University. After four long years, my journey is almost over! A lot of people have asked me for advice on Uni and how to do well, so I thought I would do a little post with some advice on how to make the most of it! I can guarantee before you go to Uni, you’ll be feeling anxious and thinking you’ve made the wrong decision – trust me, this is normal! Once you’ve gotten through your first week, you’ll think “I can’t believe I ever thought that”!

So, summer is coming to an end and you’re probably making trips to Ikea and other various home supply stores ready to move into your halls or private accommodation. Most accommodations provide the basics, such as a fridge, toaster, microwave and kettle – but you have to buy the rest yourself and it can be done very cheaply if you visit places such as Ikea and Wilko’s! Don’t go overboard though – you will probably use the same pan over and over again (remember to wash it, please!). It’s also handy to have a first aid kit/medicine box, believe me – freshers flu is a real thing! You’ll also need to purchase some bedding, or take some from home but the most important thing you’ll need is a mattress topper! Most beds in halls etc aren’t the comfiest, so a mattress topper will certainly help!


Freshers Week

Your freshers week, will be one of the most eventful weeks in your first year, you’ll form most of your early friendships in the first week – although some don’t last, these people will probably become friends for life. Make sure you purchase a freshers wristband from your Student Union, they’re normally about £30 but so worth it as you get free access to all of the events and the occasional free drink, I mean, what could be better?! Freshers fair is also pretty useful! You’ll find out about a lot of clubs/societies as well as receive HUNDREDS of freebies! You’ll probably get enough pens/condoms (you might need them) to last the whole academic year, as well as essentials for your flat! Don’t be scared, pluck up the courage and knock on your neighbours door, take a drink round and you will have an amazing time!

Remember, student loans don’t come in straight away so please do not turn up empty handed! Look for student jobs in bars and local stores!


Keep your items in your cupboards. The amount of arguments I’ve heard over using other peoples food and crockery is a joke. Always clean up your own mess. Take hoovering etc in turns, after all, you are living with these people so it’s only fair you make a contribution towards the tidying of your flat.

Staying Safe

This is the most important thing. Whenever you go out, always remember who you are with. If you separate from the group, ring somebody to find out where they are and never go somewhere alone. Eat well before you go out, this will reduce the risk of you being overly drunk and end up being sick! Keep an eye on your surroundings, especially your drink – never take your eyes off it – even if you’re at a flat party! If you’re getting a cab alone, make sure you check the council license plate for the driver and let a friend know when you’re in the cab.

If you’re looking for more advice, hit me up on social media, my links can be found at the top of my blog!


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