Fashion Fix: Matte Black Everythin!

So you’re probably fed up of the high street at the moment? The styles are all the same? Well… Look no further than Matte Black Everythin! Suited to everybody with their super chic all black everything! 

Not only is the collection fashionable, it’s also a fitness wear label – what could be better? Work out whilst looking one million dollars.

I get that you don’t always want to go to the gym, but you just want to wear something simple for the day, but also look incredible, well you definitely need to check their website because you will love it.

I mean, Andy Samuels is rocking their original MBE jumper which looks super comfy! Currently available are the MBE jumper, MBE snapbacks and two phone cases with the MBE vest, MBE leggings, MBE sports bra & MBE bomber jackets being added in January 2017  – you could actually wear an entire outfit and slay the look, move over Kate Moss. Not only does it look great, the jumper and snapbacks are unisex!

If you want to look great doing whatever you want, shopping, working out or just lounging about, then MBE is definitely for you. I wouldn’t ever recommend a brand or feature a brand I didn’t really like or rate that much, so everything is my honest opinion. I actually really like MBE, the items look super comfortable and stylish, but they’re also really good prices. If you don’t believe me, check out their store here.

Where else to find them:


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