Everyday, you see people are in “relationships” – 9 times out of 10, they’re not. They’ve just been linked to somebody because they were seen together or were texting one another. Trust me, the amount of people I’ve been linked to because I was texting them at a specific time is ridiculous.

The media also blow “relationships” up, who determines what a relationship is? We all have our own definition of them.

Whether it be a relationship with a friend, or partner – they’re all different. There’s not a secure definition, yes, there’s a denotation for the word but nowadays, it has several meanings.

I guess I’ve had a few screwed up “relationships” in the past, that made me put my guard up so much around people and not trust people as much. One person, made me feel as though I couldn’t trust another person again because of how bad she made me feel. That sucks, right?

If you go out looking for relationships, or jump from relationship to relationship, you’ll never find the right person. Trust me, they’ll come along when the time is right – in the most random way possible.

Take your time, be yourself and most of all, be happy.

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