Lets See Where This Goes…

Recently things have changed in life, things have changed for everybody – not just myself. With the current political situation in both the U.K. and America, people have become divided. Living in fear is not something that should be going on in 2017. We are in the 21st century, why are we still living in a world full of hatred and violence? I honestly cannot put into words how confused I am by this – is world peace simply too much to ask for? Are people not entitled to their basic human rights? I hope this can change, it genuinely scares me that one day, my children will grow up in this world. If I can help change it, even in a small way – my purpose will be served. 

February 3rd, 2017 – I’m currently in bed at 10:10pm, I know, what an exciting life I lead. However, I started 2017 by saying goodbye to those who took advantage of my kind nature, did not attempt to make any effort with me or simply just didn’t deserve my friendship – brutal, I know but you have to be when it comes to your happiness.

I took time out from everything, to go on holiday for a week with somebody I class as a best friend. We met in 2013 in our first year of uni. Although we both hated it, we persevered. I’m a few weeks away from graduating and uni has taught me so much about life, not just about the subjects I chose to study. I’ve made some of the best friends who I will continue to be friends with for the rest of my life (if they can put up with me). Friends are honestly the most important thing to ensure your happiness. Surround yourself by those who make you happy and those who you can be yourself around.

I’ve recently seen people post about their “glow up” and I just want to say, there is nobody I support as much as Gabbie Lindley (velvetgh0st). I’ve followed Gab for a while now and I’ve seen her grow as a YouTuber and as a person. Incase you didn’t know, she’s from Sheffield (so I love her even more)! Now, Gab isn’t afraid to talk about her weightloss surgery: 

Not that she should have to, but it takes balls to put your personal life out there like that – something which I admire her for. Not only do I admire her for being so honest, she’s also such a lovely person (& beautiful) and it’s rare to find people like her in this industry. I fully support Gab and always will, I honestly cannot put into words how incredible I think she is.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I have a few weeks until I finish my undergraduate degree and move on to the next chapter in my life. As a 21 year old, I barely know what I want to do in life, other than write. I would honestly love to write for a living. It is something I love doing and if I could make a full time career out of it – I would be over the moon. I’m going to wrap this up now because I honestly have no idea where this is going. The only thing I can say is, live your life, be yourself, surround yourself with positivity and then positivity will follow you.

Goodnight. x

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