Hold Up! Darryl Morris & Harry Styles?!

Wait a minute… Mega-babe Darryl Morris has just announced he’s interviewing superstar Harry Styles… Take deep breaths, believe me, I am!


Today is Sign of The Times Eve (or the day before music history is created) – in just 24 hours, our ears will be blessed with Harry’s debut solo single. Are you prepared? I’m not.

It may seem like a decade a go since we last saw Harry on stage, belting out his incredible and soulful voice, but we know he’s going to blow us over when we hear his debut single, which he will be chatting to Darryl Morris about – I mean, how exciting?!

Sharing the news of his single, Harry sent social media into a complete meltdown. With over 203,000 retweets on Twitter and over 137,000 likes on Facebook – fans certainly couldn’t contain their excitement – with the odd celebrity joining in the meltdown.

Make sure you’re tuned into Key 103 on Monday night between 7-10pm. You do not want to miss this, it’s huge! Listen here.

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