The Duff. What Is A Duff?

Easter Monday, a day to spend with loved ones relaxing, watching films, eating, drinking or just generally having a good time.

I spent my Easter Monday night watching films in bed. A friend mentioned The Duff to me after we listened to a song from the film, so obviously I logged into Netflix to watch the film.

If you haven’t seen it, you’re probably wondering what the term ‘The Duff‘ stands for. According to the Urban Dictionary denotation, Duff means “the Designated, Ugly, Fat Friend. Everyone has one in their group of friends.”

Horrible, I know. In the film, Wes states “if you don’t know who the Duff is in your group, it’s you” – horrific.

In the film, we see Wes (a jock) eventually hooking up with Bianca, who is apparently her friends Duff. So you wouldn’t stereotypically put those two together, right? Well, no. It does not matter what group you are in, there is no right or wrong in relation to who you fall for.

Whilst watching the film, it got me thinking. Am I the Duff of my friends? If you don’t know who it is, that means it’s you. So surely I must be the Duff as I can’t think of who it may be?

I sat thinking this for about ten minutes, thinking about all of my friends and who could be the Duff. Then I started thinking, you do have that one friend that people talk to in order to get closer to you, thats just the way it goes. Whether that person finds you attractive or just wants to be friends, they will talk to one of your friends before taking the first step to speak to you. Now, you’re probably thinking “wait, so am I a Duff?” That will probably be going around your head at one hundred miles per hour. So here’s my honest answer, no matter what you look like, how popular you are or how academically intelligent you are – people will always try to label you and at some point, somebody will talk to you so they can get closer to one of your friends, it happens on a regular basis. So the term Duff is just a stupid label that people use to think they’re better than others. You have your own individual identity for a reason. People will always compare you to others, it happens to me all the time and I’m 21.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t let a silly label like The Duff  hurt you. Be yourself and don’t let labels insult you or get to you.


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