May 22nd 2017 saw the worst terrorist attack in the United Kingdom since the July 7th bombings. My heart is breaking for those who were caught up in the attack at the Ariana Grande concert.

So many of my friends, along with 21,000 other people attended the concert last night and I am beyond happy that they are safe and well. Unfortunately there has been over twenty fatalities and almost triple that number of people injured.

Moments after the attack, people were quick to describe it as a “Muslim Terrorist Attack” – please refrain from saying this. Islam is a religion based on peace. These extremists do not represent the religion of Islam and the followers of the Islamic religion.

People blaming Islamic followers are quick to forget that the taxi drivers offering to take people away from danger for free were muslim, doctors & nurses helping people may have been muslim, people opening their homes to victims may have been muslim. How can one person represent an entire religion? It can’t, so don’t label muslims as terrorists.

In 2017, we are now living in a society filled with fear and hatred. I cannot put it into words how upset this makes me. There has been a rise in xenophobic and racist attacks since the UK’s divorce from the European Union and it is not acceptable. We are all equal in society. Regardless of our race, religion, sexuality and gender.

During a time like this, we all need to pull together to help those who are in need. Whether they had a friend at the show, or they were at the show – always be there to comfort somebody.

I posted on my social media pages last night that Manchester Arena has always been a place I feel safe and at home – nobody should feel afraid at a concert. You got to a concert to escape reality and let your hair down for two hours – not to be scared and certainly not to die. Parents are still unaware of the whereabouts of their children and if they are alive or not. Local hotels took in people who could not find their guardians and I think that shows just how great people from the north are. Going out of their way to help others.

Manchester Evening News have released photographs of people who are still unaccounted for, they can be viewed here. If you have any information related to these people – do get in touch with their loved ones immediately.

We will not let terrorism stop us. We are British and have a reputation for being tough. We will stand up to terrorists and they will not break us.

People in and around Manchester, please stay safe. My thoughts and prayers are with the who have been affected by the attack and lost loved ones.

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