Meeting Robin Wilde…

Louise Pentland AKA SprinkleofGlitter has recently released her debut novel, Wilde Like Me. As soon as Louise announced the book was available for pre-order, I had to order it. I had a feeling I’d love it and I’d get hooked. 

Following Louise’s videos in May discussing issues with Darcy (like setting a restaurant on fire, mega lol!) & going on a date with a lizard killer… The book promised to send tears streaming down your face and although I’m only on Chapter 15 one day after starting, I’ve basically filled the River Thames with the tears it has produced.

Let me introduce you to Robin Wilde, single mum & make up artist – but behind the mask, Robin’s life is a bit of a mess (in her eyes) and she occasionally just needs a hug, a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and some chocolate.

Being single for four years has taken its toll on Robin, who quickly realises it’s time to take control and change her life.

After moving into her Gran’s former home and using her inheritance to pay for Lyla’s schooling – Robin comes into contact with the PSMs (Posh School Mums) who we have all met in our life, you know the ones who stand in the playground, stare at you and always act as though you’re not there? Yes, those mothers. Not the nicest of mums are they? Especially Val, she’s a complete bitch to Robin and tries to belittle her. To Robin’s shock, Finola and Gillian butt in to give Val a bite of her own medicine (thank God!)

Fast forward to Chapter Six and Robin is off to work on a shoot with her boss Natalie – a lovely woman. Determined, strong, intelligent. Just the woman that Robin needs to be around.

Hanging around with her two best friends Lacey and Piper, Robin finds herself on dating apps to try and find that Mr. Right following her split from Lyla’s dad. It’s all fun and games until she actually meets up with a few guys and basically accuses one (spunky Charles) of attacking her – I mean, who doesn’t accidentally pull the pin out of a rape alarm instead of getting their car keys? By this point, I was in hysterics.

Right, I’m not going to give anymore spoilers. You have to read it yourself. As you know I’ve just recently finished university and will be graduating with a degree in English Language and Education Studies – so I am a bit of a critic when it comes to novels, however, Louise is a pro. I have enjoyed every second of Wilde Like Me and I cannot wait to continue reading it. There’s serious parts which make you want to cuddle Robin and parts where you want to open a bottle of wine or champagne with her and just cry with laughter at some of the situations she gets herself into.

I certainly hope there’s more to come from Louise in the future – she’s a real natural and that is incredibly rare nowadays. There’s no ghost writers, just all her own words and thoughts. Pretty marvellous. I’m so sad that I can’t make it to any of her signings because I would love to chat with her and say how great the book is. So, if you’re reading this Louise, you are a marvellous woman and an incredible writer. Congratulations on the news of Baby Pentland too!

Get your copy here.

Follow Louise on Twitter: @LouisePentland

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