They Should Have Called The Shots…

It’s been fifteen years since Sarah Harding and Girls Aloud burst onto the pop music scene, disco dancing with the lights down low and telling us they didn’t need no good advice (they really did with those tinfoil outfits!).cheryl-cole-and-no-good-advice-gallery

Twenty One top Ten hits, seven certified albums, five BRIT award nominations, winning One BRIT award, becoming the UK’s biggest girl group of the century with over 4.3million single sales and a casual 4million albums sold in the UK alone – no biggie then?! 

With the nations favourite rock chick in the Celebrity Big Brother House, everybody has suddenly remembered they’re a Girls Aloud fan and I mean, EVERYBODY. Even if you only know the chorus to Love Machine, you’re a fan – lets face it. Even Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and The Royal Family are a fan of the band. I’m not going to deny it, I’ve been listening to their music more often since Sarah entered the house and I wanted to share with you all, the crimes that have been committed by the band and their teams in relation to unreleased music. Girls Aloud had some anthems that would have topped the charts if they had been released. Yes Hillary, I am looking at you. Here are some of my favourite tracks by the band and the girls as solo artists that should have been released.article-2235618-1620114B000005DC-818_634x467

Fling: A hit that was stripped of its modesty. Literally. This would have easily been number one had it been released. With the catchy beat and chorus, clubs up and down the nation would have been playing this non-stop – with the occasional fling happening. It is after all, just a fling baby, just a bit of ding-a-ling baby.

Girl Overboard: The first time I heard this, I literally went overboard. What an incredible track. Just keep us waiting and that song will be a number one next time Girls Aloud reunite (soon, I hope!). I mean, whenever this song comes on everybody in the room gets up and dances their little souls away. Imagine the reaction if it had been released?

Every Now And Then: WHY WASN’T THIS RELEASED AS THEIR FINAL SINGLE?! I MEAN, WHAT A WAY TO GO OUT IN STYLE! Instead, a ballad was released with no promotion. Say no more, this track would have given the band an even bigger legacy, although everybody still thinks about them every now and then.

Put Your Hands Up (Nadine Coyle): Now, the second this track comes on and you hear “Hello” you automatically want to get up and pretend you’re on a night out, dancing the night away with a glass of wine flavoured lemonade in your hand (if you know, you know). This would have been the ideal single for Nadine to release following Insatiable. Who knows though, maybe her upcoming album will feature even bigger anthems?

Racy Lacey: Everybody loves a bit of sexual music don’t they? Well, Lacey had a PhD with her legs apart and can spend twenty-four hours in bed… Well, that’s enough to get anybody busting a few moves out isn’t it? Such a shame that it wasn’t released as a single. There’s quite a few bops from the Chemistry album that should have been released.

Miss You Bow Wow: WHAT A TRACK. The performance on the Out of Control Tour is iconic.

Twenty minutes in a hotel bar is enough for anybody to turn Bow Wow – literally. You often end up thinking “I’ll dial 999 saying get a doctor” – if you hadn’t heard this masterpiece before, where have you been all this time? Enjoy!

Last One Standing (Cheryl): From Cheryl’s A Million Lights album, this has the real “fuck you” vibe to it. When I first heard this song, I instantly fell in love with it. With lyrics such as “start a rumor take a fight, middle finger in the air and walk that walk” – whenever you’re feeling down because of comments made by somebody, this track will instantly lift your mood and think “you know what, take this” and shine. I loved her performance of the song on her debut solo tour and I wish it had have been released as a single.

On The Metro:

A MASTERPIECE. NICOLA ROBERTS YOU LEGEND. As Nicola stated on the TEN tour it’s one of Girl Aloud’s favourite tracks – and also one of ours. The choreography (Beth Honan, one of a kind) and staging alone for this track is the reason it should have been released, imagine the video. I’d love to know how Nicola manages to write some of the best songs out there. She’s insanely talented and this is one of her best tracks. I still question why it wasn’t released.

18D53C60000005DC-0-image-m-12_1419237899902Okay, enough of me going on. I just wanted to share my opinions on the crimes against music committed by those who were responsible for the release of Girls Aloud music.
Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know below or on Twitter!

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