Moving Out And New Adventures…

As the vast majority of you will be aware, I have recently moved to Sheffield where I will be studying my MA in International Journalism – a bit different to my undergraduate degree in English Language and Education Studies, I know. Now – I know I’ve only moved two hours down the motorway but gosh it seems far sometimes when I’m sat in my flat, bored and would normally go into the lounge to speak to or annoy my family.

Although I love Sheffield and have friends here, I do miss home. I’m used to seeing my little cousin, Charlie almost every day and seeing my newborn nephew Luca every few days. I now see them both every few weeks, something which I’m still adjusting to even though I have pictures of them on my walls and see them on FaceTime most days.

I’m currently typing this looking out of my window, at the grey sky and the next block of flats – a bit different to my view of constant trees back home but it’s always nice to have a little change isn’t it? I mean, I have so many home comforts here, for example my favourite cushions and blankets from home, pictures, my tv etc. It feels all homely which is the main thing and I’ve had friends round quite a lot which is great.

One thing I have noticed since I’ve moved, how tired I am all the time?! No, it is not through partying. I have been on two nights out in two weeks. I drink two litres of water a day yet I’m still super tired? Maybe it’s all the cleaning and cooking? Who knows? I might go get into bed, watch a film and have a nap once I’ve published this! I’m going to stop babbling now and talk more about my course…

Now, I know I’ve been writing etc for five years so you could say I have some background in journalism but I’ve noticed over the past week how much I didn’t know. I now find it so insulting when people who have posted a few blog posts label themselves as journalists when in reality, they sit at their laptops and type a few words. No investigation behind it, no research, nothing. You write a few words about a tv show, a make up brand, a person from a reality tv show or how you’re feeling. Cool, you’re not a journalist. A journalist is somebody who does extensive research into a person/brand/artist, interviews a person, builds a profile on that said person and is able to present that person in a certain light without even meeting or knowing this person. They also know about the media laws and regulations, as well as how to write and communicate – something which I’m still developing five years and a degree later.

Please don’t disrespect others and their handwork by labelling yourself as something you’re not. It doesn’t make you look cool and it will come back to bite you one day.

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