Go To Work – Nadine Coyle AKA The Queen of Pop Music is Back!

It’s been six years since the Queen of Ireland and Pop Music released her last solo single, Sweetest High (still an absolute bop) and now – she is back. With a whole new label, PR team, marketing team, new management, even new drivers (I miss you Drew & Steve – especially Lola). Nadine Coyle has made her comeback to the music scene and boy it was worth the wait!Sometimes to feel alive, you’ve got to catch a high, right? Well, let me tell you – Go To Work is that high (thanks Xenomania). Crack open that Grey Goose or Rosé flavoured lemonade – turn the volume up and get ready to party.

With one of the best voices in the industry (don’t even try to deny it) – you will all love the new anthem from the Queen – as well as the video, which certainly shows that the diva has returned and didn’t in fact leave.


See what I mean? I bet you’re ready to hit the club and dance the night away now? I know I am. I mean, how flawless does she look as well?

I’m so glad to see that the positive response to the single and her comeback, six years is a long time away from the spotlight as a solo artist so it must have taken some balls to come back but guess what? She only went and smashed it and is currently about to finish her radio tour which hopefully means there will be a tour coming soon… I hope…

If you want to know where you can purchase/stream the single, why not click Nadine’s face:


Now enjoy some photo’s of me (Danadine) and Queen Nadine.

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