OverHype – The Best On The Market!

If you’re like me, you probably cry every time a new set of Yeezy’s get released and you don’t manage to get a pair – well, that is about to change. You probably look on Depop, eBay or other resale sites and end up seeing prices that are ridiculous, right? Then you end up thinking about how that £700 could pay your rent, buy food, pay for a night out – just the usual stuff… Well look no further.

I had a chat with the director of OverHype, a sneaker and clothing enthusiast who has it all. With a love of trainers and fashion, he got into trainers at the young age of twelve – yes, twelve! With a love of clothing and trainers – this also led to a love of streetwear, I mean – who doesn’t?

Fast forward three years to the age of fifteen with an impressive client list, an impressive portfolio and an awesome stock list, OverHype are here to prove why they’re the best out there!

With the mission statement aiming to to give people a chance to buy authentic and reasonable priced clothing and trainers – OverHype certainly have proven that they deserve more respect than the average fifteen year old.


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Just look at the price! How incredible! By ensuring that clients are able to buy genuine and reasonable priced products, OverHype are certainly going places – I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw an OverHype store open on the High Street in the next few years.

Follow them on Instagram here. Turn their notifications on for website and stock updates!

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