OrgonChi – Heaven On A Pendant!

As many of you are aware, my friend Sam (Patterson) and his lovely mother Tessa have recently started creating beautiful pendants from crystals, metals and resin and let me tell you something – once you see them, you will fall in love. Not only are they the name and brains behind the brand, they’re also the hands. Each beautiful pendant is created with love by hand.

I recently spoke to Tessa & Sam about OrgonChi and where the idea came from with Tessa telling me she originally saw a YouTube video about orgone energy which she had actually never heard of until researching the natural energy. Upon her discovery, Tessa decided that beautiful handmade pendants would be perfect as they are smaller and easier for people to have on them at all times.

Speaking about each design being different, Sam told me “Each of the 5 designs appeal to different people based on their aesthetic and how they help people feel. For example, Grounding Force is designed to help cleanse the mind of negative thoughts and emotions such as fear, anxiety and anger, where as Sun Spirit helps to attract success, abundance, prosperity, generosity, love and joy.”

Tessa & Sam sent me the Ocean Bliss Petite Pendant which protects from negative thoughts & energies, as well as negative emotions such as anger, fear and shyness and let me tell you something – it really works. I have never come across something so incredible in my entire life.

Imagine the hours that must go in to making these incredible pieces? Sat in the studio designing them, creating each layer, developing each item and watching them come to life. You know the reaction you make when you see the Christmas adverts on TV as a child or when Father Christmas brought you your favourite gift on Christmas Day? That’s how rewarding it is for Tessa & Sam when somebody unboxes one of these masterpieces “It’s definitely worth the hours of work when people open the box for the first time and you see their eyes light up. Everyone without fail has done that (so far) – it’s lovely.”

Now, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on one of these or how you can find out more about OrgonChi? Well look no further – click here to see their product list and a more in depth description behind the products.

*This is not an advertisement*


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