Fashion Fix: Rise x Rebel!

So, you’re probably wondering where you can get the freshest jeans right now? Well, look no further. I have found the best brand for you! Rise x Rebel offers premium and comfortable jeans at affordable prices that allow you to look good and feel good!

Rise x Rebel is a UK streetwear brand that’s committed to delivering the best clothing but also making you feel incredible. Something they believe is essential and I completely agree with them. Customers have recently shared their thoughts about the brand and they’ve all been positive! Check out my pal Ollie Marland saying they’re the best jeans – that’s a pretty bold statement!

These jeans really do look comfortable as well as stylish! I spoke to a spokesperson from Rise x Rebel who said “Created to express an individuals sense of identity, our signature crown symbolises the fact that the people are the new royals” – I mean, you can be a Royal by putting on a pair of jeans, what could be better?!

RxR charcoal 4

Right now, the brand currently features the Black Skinny Stretch and Charcoal Skinny Stretch jeans with a HUGE discount on their website and there’s also free UK standard delivery with both items. It’s pretty self-explanatory really, head on over and get yourself a pair!

If you want to check out their products, head over to their website.

*This is not an advertisement or a sponsored post*

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