Cheryl: My Thoughts…


The past few weeks must have been pretty tough for the Queen of Newcastle, Cheryl. With pretty much every media outlet banging on about the speculated ‘split’ between her & Liam (Payne), it’s bound to have taken its toll. However, Why isn’t the important information being reported? I’m a journalist and I can’t even tell you how frustrated it has made me.

Everyday there has been a new story thrown out there about this ‘split’ and how they’ve been getting advice from gosh knows who – I mean, do people not have anything better to do? This is not in the public interest. Cheryl’s private life is in her interest, nobody else’s. I get people have a job to do, but there are ways to do that. Don’t constantly bring somebody down each day.

Here’s something to report on, the fact Cheryl recently opened her state of the art centre for Cheryl’s Trust – helping thousands of young people in the North East of England. Focus on this instead. Cheryl goes out of her way, day in day out to help people. Thousands of people will benefit from this centre. Supporting disadvantaged people is something that plays a huge part in her life, stating that growing up opportunities  were limited in Newcastle.

“I want to give back and help young people who feel like they’ll never achieve anything reach their dreams and live a happy life.” Cheryl.

For once, can we just focus on the positives? Forget what is going on behind closed doors, that is none of our business. Cheryl has done this off her own back, approached The Princes Trust and worked her butt off over the past few years to get this up and running. Although we may have had our differences, I’m still a fan and I could not be prouder of the inspiration she continues to be each and every day. She is one hell of a woman and Bear is lucky to have her as a Mother.

Cheryl Tweedy, I salute you.

If you want to get involved and donate to Cheryl’s Trust, the easiest way to donate is via bank transfer:
Account Name: Cheryl’s Trust
Account Number: 45722536
Sort Code: 60-00-01
IBAN: GB14 NWBK 6000 0145 7225 36

Or, there’s a wider range of ways to get involved here.

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