Toyota C-HR – My Experience #Spon

It all started with a tweet about my love for the new Toyota C-HR Dynamic… Then Toyota got in touch and we arranged for me to go down and meet the team at Burrows, Sheffield to test the car & get up close and personal with it – let me tell you, it is incredible. Now the footage of me driving unfortunately did not import but it was the smoothest drive I have ever encountered!

What a great social media and PR team they have over at Toyota. Ever since I first saw the C-HR I fell in love with it. The style, safety features and of course – the fact it parks itself which is a huge bonus for me! After a few days of speaking with Burrows Toyota, I went down to meet Dan Boldock – Sales Executive to give me the lowdown on the car of my dreams and everything Burrows have to offer. Now, I’m no Richard Hammond but I know a great car when I see one.

After speaking with Dan and going through some of the impressive facts about the car – one of the most important being, if a person or car suddenly appears in front of you, the car will bring itself to a stop, not bad for £459 including gap insurance & Toyota smart cover. Basically, everything you have ever wanted and needed when buying a car.

I for one know how frustrating it is when you go to buy a car – you get shown every model in the showroom and get every offer thrown at you. This wasn’t the case in Burrows, for me and for other customers. The team listen to YOU. They work around your needs and desires.

Anyway, enough about me blabbering on – here’s a video of my day that I hope you find useful!

You can learn more about the C-HR here.

To see what’s in stock at Burrows Toyota click here.

One thought on “Toyota C-HR – My Experience #Spon

  1. Your entry was very informative. Learned something too. And hey, let’s follow, and share each other to grow together. Thanks!

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