It’s Time For A Catch Up…

I’ve been away for far too long and for that, I apologise. I’m drawing to the end of my MA studies so I’ve been swamped with revision for exams, coursework and you’ve probably seen my constant tweets and Instagram stories about it – the documentary my friend Eleanor & I are producing (if you haven’t already, go follow it on Instagram). So that’s taking its toll that the moment but other than that I’ve just been so busy with job hunting/flat hunting and entering ‘adult life’ – I’m looking for a more full time job now, not just freelance. Something that I know will give me a secure income every month to pay the bills, allow me to buy a dog and just relax – unlike not knowing when my next pay cheque will arrive!

People think being freelance is so glamorous and liberal – working for yourself, being invited to events up and down the country. Yes that is great but when trains to these events cost £90, then the cost of hotel, food & drink etc comes into consideration and then thinking “will somebody else have the same story as me?” “will an outlet already have somebody there?”   – that is the reality of being a freelancer. There is no real job security but I still love it. I think freelancing for Granada is my favourite part. I grew up in the Granada region so whenever I’m home or see something happening in the region that I know can be made into a story, a quick text to the Head of News is all it takes and six years into my career as a journalist, whenever you see a story of yours or a story you’ve helped develop be published can be a real thrill. My favourite one was so unexpected, I was driving somewhere with my sister and we literally stumbled across it, read it here.

Other than that, I think realisation has hit me, I’m 23 I’m an adult now. A few friends of mine are married or engaged. Some have children, my nephew turned one just a couple of days ago which was a great day – also quite scary to see how quickly children grow up. My little cousin starts ‘big school’ (primary) in September and I swear he was born two years ago, where does the time go?! I feel as though I’ve missed out on so much because I live in Sheffield but sometimes you have to do what’s right for you as a person and for your career, right?

As mentioned earlier in this post, my MA studies will be over next month and I feel as though this past year has just flown by. I’ve met some incredible people, lifelong friends who I know are there for me no matter what. I’ve made some of the best, if not THE best memories whilst I’ve been with them in Sheffield and I know there’s more to come because I do not see myself leaving any time soon, unless I get the job offer I’m hoping for.

Life is a strange one, if you’re thinking things aren’t going your way at the moment – they soon will. Trust me on that one.

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