Below are some examples of my work, including some online and print shows in the UK national news. As well as several front page splashes.


Takeaway addict buys home with savings!
Wetherspoons to open £7 million museum
Work stress keeps millions awake at night
Amanda Liberty has a tattoo of CHANDELIER fiancé!
School run mum, runs herself over guest
Britain’s oldest twins
Twins with WORST CASE of Hands, Foot & Mouth
Two thirds of children have never heard classic stories
Racist thugs attack family
Racist thugs attack family
Lottie Miles makes £3K a month selling SELFIES!
Zac Oliver – child with extremely rare cancer
Surprise party for breasts!
Viewers SLAM tv programmes choice of image
Viewers reeling over makeover
Former soldier reunited with lifesaver
Work at Caters News/Mercury Press


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