Liverpool Sound City 2019

Last month saw the return of the famous Sound City, hosted in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle – famous for the Baltic Market and indie scene.

With the voice behind Don’t Call Me Up, Mabelheadlining the weekend, the event also hosted upcoming talent with the likes of Clear Vinyl and Oddity Road.Closing her set, the former support act for Harry Styles, gave the crowd exactly what they wanted, by belting out her biggest hit, Don’t Call Me Up after an electrifying forty five minute.

Despite the nippy weather, everybody appeared to be in good spirits with her set feeling more like a friends party than seeing a musical star performing to a packed out audience.

However, my personal favourite moments of Saturday were seeing Chesterfield band, Clear Vinyl perform their debut single, The Feeling at the Brick Street Garden stage.

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Despite having a somewhat small crowd during their first few notes, the band soon drew in an electrifying audience, with lead singer Josh Feeley climbing a set of oddly-placed stairs and even bringing a fan onto the stage to rock out with them.

To say this was the bands first performance in the city, they certainly gained multiple fans and I’m sure they’ll be back again.

Constellations bar, saw Sheffield based band Oddity Road perform to a packed out audience, including Confused singer, Casey Lowry

Sunday, however, saw the likes of Life and the writer responsible for some of the greatest pop music, RuthAnne performing to packed out audiences.

Hull’s very own Life performed to an ecstatic crowd on the New Brick Street. There wasn’t a single person stood still during their performance, with the lead singer constantly dancing around – the energy was on fire.

However, my personal favourite performance on Sunday came from Ireland’s very own, RuthAnne who is responsible for some of the biggest hits, including  JoJo’s, Too Little, Too Late, One Direction’s Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Britney’s Work Bitch and pal, Niall Horan’s Slow Hands.

Performing to an intimate crowd, the star covered her famous hits, as well as performing her own including Liquid, focusing on the negativity spread on social media.

Despite being a total fan of hers, my overall favourite performance was Love Again.

2019, is set to be a big year for the Irish-star who is set to release her debut album. With incredible credits already, she is set to go incredibly far.

Also, a huuuuge thank you to Damo for an incredible weekend and the free booze! A lot of love to Fodder Canteen too, their food was to die for.

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